E51505 approaching Wirksworth.

E51505's restored cab.


Although ordered as part of a 3 car set, this vehicle was delivered as part of a 4 car unit diesel railcar set built at Saltley in Birmingham by Metropolitan-Cammell, as one of a batch delivered early in 1959.

This part of the class of vehicles initially went into service on the British Railways Eastern Region allocated to Borough Gardens, a sub-shed of Gateshead, and was initially used on services between Newcastle, Carlisle and Middlesborough.

This vehicle was first operated in British Railways DMU green livery 1959-1962, then BR DMU green with cream lining and speed whiskers. From 1962-1970 this was amended to BR green with cream lining, and a small yellow warning panel, then 1968-1975 into BR Rail Blue, then 1975-1988 in BR Blue & Grey livery, then finally from 1988-1995 in Regional Railways livery of white and blue. All units had dark grey roofs, black underframes & red buffer beams.

In latter years, the vehicle was part of a set based which operated around Cardiff (1980s), then Manchester (1990s). In 1985 51505 was based at Cardiff Canton. The set was withdrawn from passenger service about summer 2000.

The vehicle was brought to the EVR from the East Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel and Wakes Colne. During 2011, the vehicle underwent an interior refurbishment programme to return some of the original features, including the first class area at the front which was removed previously by British Rail.

Seats: 12 first; 53 second
BR set number: 101682